Sunday 18 March 2012

Concept Video and Scamper Technique

I've been assigned to create a short video about one particular prevalent social issue. I have chosen fast food abuse, which is the same idea as the main map shown in the previous post. My video is inspired by the short clip above and would be assist by SCAMPER method in the making.

  • Question's alteration, since my video is going to look at another point of view
  • The change of fast food franchises, considering not all the retail's brands are available and well-known  in Malaysia

  • Incorporation between fast food's production and livestock abuse action and nature damage
  •  Integration on calorie consumption and health consequences

  • My video and the concept video would share a similar theme which is about fast food addiction
  • There is an interview concept in my video as well, to give readers a better projection and mini statistics of this certain matter in Malaysia

  • I would like to bring out the advantages of the fast food existence, such as affordable and time-saving
  • I would highlight the calories intake on the food
  • Approximation of the total retails in Malaysia

Put to other uses
  • In the future, my upcoming video can be elaborated to a junk food awareness video, considering fast food is also categorized as junk food
  • The video would also applicable for Health and lifestyle's industry campaign

  • Reduction of chemicals listings in the concept video
  • Annihilation of allergies possibility which is mentioned on the video above

  • The arrangement of the concept video has already meet my own video's settlement, however I would insert various additional factors in order to accomplish my video's qualification 

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